Flashback: Looking back at some of this year Bluebells photographs by Martina Photography.

Good evening to all of my followers!

This blog post is looking back at some of this year’s Derby Bluebell photo sessions.  As you can see on my website: http://www.martinaphotography.co.uk, my portfolio is dominated by outdoor photographs of children among flowers, woodlands and beautiful shrubs. This is something I always used to love to capture with my camera. Children surrounded by nature are often more playful and fun to photograph. Also, outdoor portraits are very interesting, as we are not limited to single studio backdrops and can move along finding little ”enchanted” spots. Bluebells create amazing backdrops and they are just perfect for photographing your child among them! I take bookings for my mini Bluebell sessions every year during spring.

Due to popularity, this summer I am going to organise more Mini sessions among other interesting blooming flowers – so watch this space!

If you are interested in creating your children outdoor portraits in Derbyshire please get in touch via website: https://www.martinaphotography.co.uk/contact or email: martinaphotography100@gmail.com

Have a look at some of the Bluebells photographs below:



Love from Martina Photography x

Family outdoor Photography in Derby by Martina Photography.

It was a while since I blogged for the last time.  Taking advantage of a glorious weather, I have decided to catch up and create a blog post set among spring photography. The perfect subject are my family outdoor portraits in Derby,  Derbyshire.

Most of my family portraits take place in the great outdoors of Derby: parks, woodlands and meadows. At this time of the year blooming flowers and trees provide extraordinary backdrops. Its a great time to venture outdoors and to create timeless family photographs!

At Martina Photography there is no stiff posing as my philosophy is to capture the real connection between family members. Perfect photography is not always about the smiles and looking directly at the camera. Often, the most interesting portraits are created unexpectedly. These sessions are relaxed and natural. This is what is the true essence of my photography ❤

Below you can see few images Of Charlene and her lovely family I had a pleasure to photograph not long ago.

If you are interested in booking your family outdoor portraits pleasxe get in touch with me today via email: martinaphotography100@gmail.com and visit my website:



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Oakwood Gala in Derby, 10th of July 2016: Martina Photography and Gosha’s face painting collaboration.


Together with my friend, a face painter Goshia, I  took part in this year’s Oakwood family Gala which took place on the 10th of July in  Derby. It was such a great event! I am certain many of you enjoyed it. We are definitely coming again next year. Apart from the wind,the passing  rain and our marquee tent trying to fly off, we had such a great time! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hello.

While Gosha worked her magic and painted the children’s’  faces,  I took the photos. And, as I promised, I am putting few of the photos from the Gala on this blog.

Marta from Martina Photography x


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The story behind magical pregnancy portraits captured by Martina Photography in Derby.

To follow my latest blog post titled ”Why choose Martina Photography to create your maternity portraits in Derby”, I have decided to write another post about the essence of my magical pregnancy portraits, that I create in Derby, Derbyshire.

As you get more familiar with my work, you will quickly realize that all of my maternity images were created outdoors. Surrounded by the nature we are not limited to any set ups and backdrops, we are free to venture and create colorful art. This freedom let me be more flexible with my art. I am constantly looking for new natural inspirations and I am searching for dreamy locations. I am inspired by the 4 season. While I love ”blooming” Seasons: Spring and Summer the most, because they symbolize new life , Winter and Autumn can be very special too. Every Season has something magical and unique to offer.

Specifically let me tell you a story behind creating this Summer Maternity image:

kamila facebook

The location for this photo shoot and model’s outfit were specifically chosen to highlight this beautiful mummy to be beauty. Not without a reason, I wanted to use delicate pink dress and meadow full of yellow flowers. The essential ingredient in creating this ”magical ” portrait was lighting, which was incredible, creating amazing aura around this gorgeous mummy to be. She looks like ”sun kissed” on this image. This picture symbolizes the beginning of a new life, energy and positive and beautiful life. I am certain, that all of you will agree, that there is nothing more beautiful than blossoming mummy to be.

Would you like me to capture your maternity session in Derby or surrounding areas? I offer custom portrait session. To me these are all about you and your personality. Please visit my online portfolio  and website to find out more about my art: http://www.martinaphotography.co.uk.

I am looking forward talking to you


Martina Photography x


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Why choose Martina Photography to create your maternity portraits in Derby?

I truly believe that every pregnancy should be documented on professional photographs. At Martina Photography, a Derby based newborn and maternity photographer,  I will take my time and every effort to discuss your pregnancy photo session beforehand. Together we can come up with a vision and dream outdoor location in Derby, for your photographs. I will also advise you on the best outfits, and  if required, I will provide you with the stunning maternity gown.

Particularly, my favourite type of maternity photographs are created outdoors. There are just so many possibilities to make the photo session all about you, to incorporate your favourite colours, and close to your heart spaces. We could use enchanted forests, meadows or beautiful park. The list is endless!

I am also aware, that many of you will feel cautious about the way you look and worry about stretch marks or other areas of your body, however please trust me that all of you look incredible, and everything is a part of your magical journey.  I will do my best to create your stunning portraits and make you feel amazing!

Your pregnancy photographs will be a vehicle, through which you can look back in time to remember how beautiful your bump looked like. These memories will be cherished by you and your children forever!

Personally, I am a bit sad that neither my mum or grandma had their pregnancy captured on film. It would be incredible to look at them and reminisce them. This is the reason why I am trying to encourage you to book your favourite professional maternity photographer: so you and your children can look back and admire these sweet memories.

If you are thinking of booking your maternity session with me please do get in touch: http://www.martinaphotography.co.uk, martinaphotography100@gmail.com.


Martina Photography



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How to prepare for the newborn photo session at your own home?

How to prepare yourself for the newborn baby photo shoot at the comfort of your own home?

I try to schedule my photo sessions for about 10.30, which allow me to make the most use of the natural light available at your home. An ideal scenario is when you have a large window or balcony door in your home, however it’s not always the case and when the window is small , I am prepared to use my artificial lighting.

The temperature in your home should be much warmer than usual: I would suggest it to be around 25 degrees, which should be just perfect! For us adults it can be often too hot, however  it will be comfortable and nice for the baby! 

 Prior my arrival, I would advise you to loosen the baby’s nappy and swaddle your bundle of joy in his or her favorite blanket. It will take me about 15 minutes to set up my mobile studio at your home and prepare everything for the session. It would be great if you could feed your baby in this time.

My visit at your home can be quite long. The photo shoot can last anything up to 4 hours or even longer! I only schedule one session per day so I can fully dedicate my time and energy to your baby.

And importantly, please do not worry and relax. Even when your baby becomes fussy I will allow plenty of time for setting, feeding and cuddles. The happy and comfortable baby is my priority during the photo shoot. I will take a good care of your precious baby.

And last important factor: do not worry about the state of your house! You just had your precious baby and the last thing you need is worrying about the look of your house. I have been there myself and I am aware that tidying up is often the last thing on your mind.

Below, you can see few examples of the photographs that were taken at the clients’ home using the natural light only.

If you have any about the newborn baby photo shoot experience at your home please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me: martinaphotography100@gmail.com


Marta from Martina Photography x

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”Enchanted” Bluebells flowering in Derby and on location photography.

Did you know that one of the greatest nature wonder in the UK happens during springtime? I am talking here about beautiful Bluebells: bell shaped blue flowers which flower only in April and May. I call them ”enchanted” flowers because they remind me of a scenery from the fairy tale and the magical world. These flowers are just spectacular! United Kingdom has the finest bluebells in the world! You can find more information about this on: http://www.naturescalendar.org.uk/wildlife/factfiles/flowers/bluebell.html. This site provides lots of interesting facts about Britain’s precious Bluebells.

In Derby and its outskirts, we are blessed to have several beautiful places, where you can spot magnificent Bluebells. They can be found  in many nature reserves or woodlands. Actual Bluebells areas could be found on: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lists/bluebell-woods-near-you,  website which will guide you on where to go to find Bluebells.

Today, I wandered through little woodland in Derby, looking for a special photography location, and spotted many flowering trees, but as you can tell, my main research subject were Bluebells. I cannot tell you how much I love photographing them! They create amazing blue carpets which are just perfect natural backdrops.

Very soon I will be organizing mini Bluebells photo sessions so watch this space 🙂

Below, you will find few photographs from today’s Bluebell hunt.

Marta  x

Martina Photography


Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, or if you would like to share an amazing Bluebell location with me: martinaphotography100@gmail.com



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Natural Light Newborn Baby Photography Workshop in Derbyshire.

As in every other profession, photography is all about constant learning, finding your inner style, gaining new skills and concepts. As soon as I found out that one of my favorite photographers, whose work I truly admire – Natalie Leech is organizing her workshop, I decided to book it.

Natural Light Newborn Baby Posing Workshop was organised by Natalie Leech in her beautiful studio in Glossop, Derbyshire. The trip was worth the journey and watching Natalie in action was an unforgettable experience!

This lady is a baby whisperer having her own ways of how to listen to newborns’ natural rhythms and work with them. Babies were relaxed and happy through the whole session. Natalie gave us many useful tips of how to pose the baby effectively, which angles are the most cute and how to create timeless portraits any parent would love. It was also beneficial to watch Natalie edit her final photographs in Photoshop .

I am sharing few images of two babies that I took during Natalie Leech workshop. The styling and posing was done by Natalie while photographs and editing was done by me.

I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do 🙂 If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my website: www.martinaphotography.co.uk

Martina Photography x

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